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Just who in the name of Billy Shears are you?

I live at the end of a 5 1/2 minute hallway

Aurora Jones
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Her Majesty the Baroness Chellibria de L'amour of the Lands of Netherwood

Freddy is Love

3 doors down, 5&1/2 minute hallway, acting, affinity, aliens, allison cameron, amazed, angry johnny, another world, apments, art, beautiful girl, beauty and the beast, bed canopies, beetlejuice, ben, billy, books, cats, cd players, ceramic dolls, children of the corn, chocolate, choking the cherry, cky, cloud watching, clouds, cold weather, comic books, control, coons, could have gone mad, dark colors, darkness lethal, darkwing duck, dear johnny, dib, dido, dolls, dolphin, doors, dr. venture, dreams, eric foreman, exploration b, fairy tales, family guy, fingertips, fleetwood mac, fly away, freddy krueger, freddy/nancy, george carlin, ghosts, gir, greek mythology, gregory house, haunted, hello, hey pretty, horror movies, house md, house of leaves, if you were here, into the woods, invader zim, isaac, james wilson, jareth, johnny c., joni mitchell, junkie, kenan and kel, korn, lemon meringue, lockets, love, mah friends, malachi, membrane, monarch, movies, muses, music, my computer, my friends, my old-ass car, nancy thompson, nicknames, nightmare on elm street, no-face, not a virgin, old school nickleodeon, out windows, painting, poe, poetry, polar opposites, popcorn, preacher, rain, really cold orange juice, robert chase, robert englund, rocko's modern life, romanticism, roses, ryoko, salvador dali, skeleton keys, snowy days, socrates, space, spanish doll, spider jerusalem, stephen sondheim, supernatural, surrealism, sweeny todd, sweettooth, tallest red, terrible thought, terrified he, that day, the labyrinth, the nightmare before christmas, the venture bros, theatre, theory, thorns, thunder storms, tim burton, tori amos, tragic heroes, transmetropolitan, twisted metal, victoriana, video games, villans, walk the walk, wicked, wild, willard, words, writing, written, zim